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Horizontal screw conveyer
 Name Horizontal screw conveyer
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Screw feeder /  screw hoist
  Classification  According to the arrangement can be divided into horizontal horizontal screw machine and lifting upper feed screw machine.
 Special points
1, vertical transport, can effectively save space.

2, excellent sealing, less environmental pollution.
3, with the characteristics of high strength, acid, alkali, salt water and so on.

Working principle
Spiral feeding machine is depending on the electric motor can produce power to drive the cycloid reducer to spiral device is a kind of using screw to rotate, so that the material feeding machine from the material inlet feeding by spiral is mandatory the material of material transported to export. Forward extrusion, while making the material move forward, spiral.
 Scope of application
The main dry powder material (such as starch, flour, additives, pesticides, veterinary drugs, etc.), applied in food, chemical, building materials, plastics and packaging and other industries.

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